Horsi Group is a firm of independent Financial and Strategy Planners.

Headquartered in Edinburgh and an office in London, We offer a comprehensive financial and strategic planning service to a range of private individuals, companies, trusts, and charities. We provide a total wealth management solution encompassing all aspects of financial planning, strategical acquisition, investment, including commodities and derivatives. We also provide Trade Facilitation and offer assistance in identifying commercial partners.

In addition, trough our license, we also import precious metals and stones for our clients, our dedicated investment program department provides a full range of independent advice on purchasing and transformation. We believe the strength of Capital Managers comes from the experience, expertise and advanced qualifications held by our Partners, Advisers and Support Staff. Our individual areas of expertise combined with the concise implementation of a team help deliver a holistic financial and strategic planning solution for all your needs.


We aim to provide a professional service that wins respect from those we engage with and work for.

  • Business Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Our Experience
  • Simplify your Finance
  • Financial Consultancy



Trust is the key to any long term partnership. We are transparent in our dealings with every client.


Superior expertise prowess, Integrity and honesty in everything we do.


We strive to lead our profession by giving the highest level of service and loyalty to our clients and by forging a team of experts whose work its infused with our values.

We Support Your Financial Interest